ChainWatch - Monitoring blockchain for anomalous transactions

ChainWatch monitors all Ethereum network in real-time, looking for evidence of anomalous or fraudulent transactions involving smart contracts and crypto wallets.

Its automated alerts allow owners and investors to take proactive steps to protect their funds.


Detection engine efficiently spots abnormal activity

Ease of use

Just enter your mail and contract address

Instant notifications

Be one step ahead of attackers


Contracts monitored


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Anomalies today

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q What is this service for?

ChainWatch monitors the Ethereum network in real time for abnormal transactions and evidence of fraud. Users subscribe to alerts on one or more smart contracts or crypto wallet so they know about unusual activity.

Q Why do I need it?

Whenever anomalous activity is detected in a smart contract that you’re subscribed to, you will receive a notification from ChainWatch so you can decide on the appropriate measures to take.

Q What exactly do you mean by "anomalous" activity?

We monitor key contract metrics to identify transactions that deviate from normal activity. This could be a high TX rate or large volume of outgoing Ether in a smart contract or unusually large transactions in a crypto wallet.

Q How can I receive notifications?

Simply specify the address of the contract or wallet you are interested in. We’ll send a link to confirm your details and then you’ll receive alerts via email or Telegram. You can subscribe to additional contracts/wallets in the same way.

Q Can I unsubscribe?

Yes, at any time. Each alert we send contains a link you can use to unsubscribe.

Q Who can I talk to about partnerships with or investments in ChainWatch?

To discuss business and partnership arrangements, please contact

Q How much does it cost?

It’s free! We created ChainWatch to highlight smart contract and crypto wallet security issues. Learn more about the expert blockchain security services we can provide at

Q Where can I go to share ideas about ChainWatch and discuss blockchain security with industry experts?

If you think there’s a bug in ChainWatch or you’d like to suggest ways we can add value for users, please share your ideas and questions at or join our Telegram-group AppSec Central.

About us

ChainWatch has been developed by the application security and blockchain experts at Our team of specialists have wide-ranging expertise in source code analysis with a particular focus on its application to the financial services industry. We have provided ICO security services to a range of start-ups including smart contract security analysis and 24-7 “eyes on” monitoring.

For more information, see our Blog and

In addition to our ICO experts, all customers benefit from additional input from our cybersecurity resilience division in London.